Domaine de L’Etoile

Conditions Applicable to mountain Biking

  1. Number of bicycles available : 12
  2. Sport wear  compulsory
  3. Wearing  of helmets compulsory and available on site
  4. Minimum :4 persons and maximum:12 persons per session or more on demand
  5. Minimum age requirement :13 years old
  6. Bar payable upon consumption
  7.  Other: please refer to general conditions attached

*  Lunch à la carte  optional







2 adults

(on one double Quad)


Price per request





1 adult and 1 child

(on one double Quad)

Price per request

Single quad


Price per request

Supplement for private tour

1 guide for 3 quads maximum

( double or single)


Price per request


  1. Welcome cocktail
  2. Test drive & security briefing
  3. Sanitary caps with helmets
  4. 2 ½ to 3 hrs guided tour
  5. Mineral Water during the tour
  6. Refreshing towel after tour
  7. Lunch : Mauritian Buffet I
  8. Tea/Coffee/Tisane/Biscuits after the afternoon session

Conditions applicable to quad nature trails
2 sessions of 2 1/2 to 3 hours per day as follows:

Morning session:

Arrival at l’Etoile @ 09.30 hrs

Departure of tour @ 10.00 hrs

Back at l’Etoile @ 13.00 hrs

Lunch @ 13.30 hrs

Afternoon session:

Arrival at L’Etoile @ 12.00 hrs

Lunch @ 12.45 hrs

Departure of tour @ 14.00 hrs

Back at l’Etoile @ 17.00 hrs

  1. Passengers under 7 years old are not accepted
  2. Drivers must be 17 years old or above
  3. Physically challenged person not recommended
  4. Pregnant woman are not allowed on quads
  5. Bar payable upon consumption
  6. Other : Kindly refer to general conditions
PRODUCT CODE                      HIKING RS/Pax



Hiking within Domaine de L’Etoile excluding lunch*  

Price per request



Hiking within Domaine de L’Etoile including lunch

(Mauritian  buffet I )


Price per request
HWLFR Hiking from Domaine de L’Etoile to Falaise Rouge including lunch (Basic Mauritian Menu)**


Price per request

Lunch à la carte optional 

* Basic Mauritian Menu: Chicken & Prawns curry Or Sausages” Rougailles “, Condiments, Grains & Rice.  Veg menu available on demand at time of booking.  Dessert: Coconut Pudding
For Mauritian Buffet 1, a supplement @ Rs 350 + Vat applicable on HWLFR.  (Minimum 15 pax)


0.5L of mineral water per person

0ne or two guides according to the size of the group


Conditions & information applicable to hiking

  1. Minimum: 4 persons
  2. Maximum: 30 persons
  3. The site can accommodate 3-4 groups of hikers at a time
  4. 4 circuits available varying from 1 hr to 3 hrs
  5. Bar payable upon consumption
  6. Other : Kindly refer to general conditions
PRODUCT CODE               Archery RS/Pax



1 to 20 targets excluding lunch*  

Price per request






1 to 20 targets including lunch

(Mauritian  Buffet I )


Price per request

* Lunch a la carte optional

Conditions applicable to Archery

  • Bows and arrows are available at no extra cost (1 bow  + 2 arrows per pax)
  • The maximum capacity of participants will vary according to the amount of targets chosen, v/s number of pax per group
  • Only one child ( more than 7 years old ) is allowed to accompany an adult
  • Bar payable upon consumption
  • Others : Kindly refer to general conditions



Domaine de L’Etoile  fully exclusive

(full day)


Price per request



  • 14 Quads   –  12 VTT   –  Hiking   –  Archery circuit
  • Lunch for 20 persons
  • Open Bar (soft, juice, water, beer, whisky, Gin, wine & Champagne.
  • (Champagne limited to 4 bottles for the day, additional bottle payable upon consumption)
  • During lunch white & red wines will be served.  Maximum 6 red and 6 white, additional bottle payable upon consumption
  • Menu:
    Traditional palm heart accompanied by prawns in a red sauce
    Roaster Deer accompanied by the Chef’s secret sauce, ‘’Puree d’Arouille’’ & Green salad
    Crystallized papaya with orange flavor

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